Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Today I Want

No matter how many pocket page cards I use on my projects, I always seem to have plenty more. Thus I need to do pages like this . . .

Today I Want

I like this layout despite the fact that it doesn’t have a photo. A few more things about the page:

  • I used this layout by Jen Schow as my inspiration for the design–and not for the first time. I used it last year for the page below.
  • I pulled out several cards from my previous Messy Boxes and used them on the page. It takes a while, but it’s fun to go through my collection and find ones that go together.
  • Stamping is something I want to do more on my layouts, so I made sure to incorporate that on this page.

Here’s my previous page using this design.

Not Guilty

And here is the process video for my latest version of it.

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  1. Oh I hear you about those endless supplies of those pocket cards – lol! I try and try to do pocket scrapbooking but haven’t gotten the hang of it. I like how you use them – great inspiration 🙂

  2. What an effective layout! great way to use PL cards. I must try this!