Monday, April 4, 2016

Pretty Paper

Let’s be honest here, people. I’ve been scrapping for nearly 20 years. I have plenty of patterned paper. Plenty. I do not need more patterned paper. Yet somehow, when I went to Tuesday Morning, I ended up leaving with these in hand.

Paper Everywhere

I would ask how this happened except I know exactly how it happened. I make myself justify any paper purchase I make these days. I bought the stack on the left because I am a sucker for script writing. And even the non-scripty papers are fun and use colors I love. I bought the stack on the left because I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Plus, look at those florals! They are fabulous.

My next step: make the purchase worthwhile by using some of this paper.

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  1. I don’t think I could resist the Basic Grey paper! I love the multi-color floral paper on the front of the paper pad!

  2. I saw the Basic Grey pad at Tuesday Morning and was sooo tempted but didn’t get it. Glad you did! It’s gorgeous.

  3. And this post shows why I must stay out of any store that sells scrap stuff until I used up more paper. I would have caved if I saw those.

  4. Tuesday Morning! oooooh, wish I could find such nice papers at ours. PLUS, Tuesday Morning, you got it for a great price and that is reason enough

  5. Wait, you can have enough patterned paper? I really want to agree with you, but I have found this not to be true. I could have thousands of papers and STILL not have the exact right shade of blue or whatever color I am looking for! At this point I consider purchases as being proactive so that I always have just the right paper that I need. (I almost got through that with a straight face.)

  6. My Tuesday Morning doesn’t get any good scrapbooking supplies. Those are beautiful and I’m sure you’ll do wonderful things with them.

  7. Sometimes you need new patterns for inspiration?! I’m trying here…Love the geometric prints.