Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Process Videos: Part 1, Filming

I thought it might be fun (and hopefully useful) to write about my process of making process videos. I started my channel ages ago but began posting process and scrappy related photos in August 2015. I’m going to break this up into at least two (and maybe three) posts. This blog entry focuses on the filming portion of my process.

I’m pretty old school when it comes to filming. I see lots of people talking about how they film on their phones or tablets. I use my camera. Here’s my setup–and a look at what I’m working on next. You probably won’t see a process video for this layout for at least a month, but I’ll talk more about this in my blog about editing.

Filming Setup

I use this tripod. I needed it (or one like it) because I need to be able to film straight down. My previous tripod had legs that would not maneuver to allow this. As you can see, the tripod takes a fair amount of space. At first this felt awkward while filming, but I’m quite used to it now. If I could change one thing about this tripod, it’s the feet. They move around a bit–I’m not sure if there is a way to lock things in when I’m in the straight down position. If so, I haven’t figured it out. I always check when I first start filming to make sure everything is in frame, but it doesn’t always stay that way. 🙁 I’m getting more fanatical about checking the legs and looking through the lens more often.

I have two batteries for my camera. One is always in the camera and the other one is being charged. The camera typically beeps when the battery dies, so I usually (not always) notice and can easily pop in the fresh one. I also have a bunch of memory cards so I can hopefully have one available when I fill up one. This is a little complicated, though, and I’ll talk about it more when I post about the editing process.

I used to film about 80% of the layouts I created, but I’ve been filming 100% since late last year. Filming takes so little effort, I figure why not?

How I film process videos has changed over time. I used to film more of the process of paper and embellishment choosing. I would start with a clean table and go through the whole paper selection process. Same with embellishments. Now I typically go through my supplies and pick several papers to choose from, then start filming. Once I’ve got the papers arranged to my liking, I move on to embellishments and do the same: go through my options to find what might work, then start filming again once I have a bunch out on my desk. This seems more efficient to me; viewers can still see what I decide to go with and where I decide to place things, but they don’t have to suffer through watching me go through five paper pads.

I hope that gives you a small glimpse into my behind-the-scenes. Have any questions about filming? Leave them in the comments below.

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  1. This is so awesome! I’ve been thinking about maybe doing a process video and I am really looking forward to your next post! Thank you!

  2. A really interesting post, I too have been toying with the idea of videos and this is a post I’ll definitely be rereading.

  3. I’ve actually been trying my hand at videos, but I’ve not posted any of the new ones. I still need the practice.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I’ve just dipped my toe in the whole video/youtube thing. It seems so time consuming to film and edit, but the way you show it set up here seems rather simple. I will have to check out your videos, I’m always looking for people to follow.