Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Just Kitting By

I subscribe to the Felicity Jane monthly kit. And I love it.

Felicity Jane papers

The papers and embellishments are just my style, and each kit includes a super versatile stamp set as well. And the products coordinate quite well from month to month as well. In short, there are many great things about subscribing to a kit, and I have no plans to stop soon.


Let’s face it: kit products build up. I try to use them up, and every few months I make a focused effort to make a dent in my supplies, and I do just that. But then I remember that I have loads of other worthy products that also need to be used. Plus I love variety, so I can only scrapbook  using a smaller pool of items for so long before I start feeling twitchy. And they pile up again . . .

I put all of my FJ kit products in a 12 x 12 Iris container. I’ve been a subscriber for a year; my container is getting quite, quite full.

Felicity Jane Embellishments

Here’s my question to other kit subscribers: how do you store your kits? And what do you do to use up your kit supplies?

I’m secretly hoping to get someone to give me a scrapbooking stipend I can live on so I don’t have to work. I know I could do so much more scrapbooking this way. 🙂

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  1. I don’t do a kit club any longer, but when I did, I kept each month’s kit together in a ziplock bag. When I thought I’d made enough of a dent in it, I would break it up and move it in with my normal stash. I totally get the twitchy feeling if I try to use a small kit over and over and over. I need a kit club that will offer a once every 3 months subscription. That would be perfect for me. I’m hoping after the kids graduate, my hubs won’t send me off to work right away and I can really concentrate on scrapbooking for a few years.

  2. I haven’t bought kits, but I was on a design team and was lucky enough to receive a generous amount of product. I found the easiest way to really dent supplies was a mini book and they’re great fun to make. Let’s face it, this is a wonderful problem to have.

  3. I don’t subscribe to a kit, but when I want to use things up, I make cards.

  4. I’ve never subscribed to a kit, so I will be no help. But if you ever do get that stipend, I volunteer to be your assistant!