Friday, April 29, 2016

You Are My Wingman

I tend to force selfies on my friends in any circumstances, but when they are going to move, I take them in bulk. Here is one of my photos of me with my friend Joel, who has since moved out of state in hopes of escaping my camera.

You Are My Wingman

Now, to talk about that layout.

  • I am quite pleased by the way I am remembering to incorporate washi tape on my layouts. Not that I’m making much of a dent, since I only used about six inches on this page, but every little bit helps.
  • My goodness, I love the gray and white patterned paper. I only had one sheet of it and now I have less.
  • Many stickers are included on this page. I especially like the cluster of stickers above the photo.
  • These Thickers were a bit annoying. I usually have no problem with foam Thickers, but some of the foam tore away from these. It was weird. Has anyone else had this trouble?

Feel free to check out the process video below. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Great page, Joel’s expression did make me laugh especially when I read your quips about forcing your friends to do selfies.

  2. Love this page. The colors just speak to me. I enjoyed your journaling and your word labels are perfect, I always struggle with getting them balanced

  3. Your strips of paper to make your background are great. Joel looks like he will NOT be missing your camera at all!