Friday, May 13, 2016

You Make Me So Happy

Why, yes, peanut butter kiss cookies make me happy. Doesn’t everyone feel that way? ๐Ÿ˜‰

So Happy (700x649)

Enough about cookies. Let’s talk about the layout.

  • I have been using sketches by Laura Whitaker a lot lately. Here’s the one I used this time around.
  • I’ve discovered that most flair has a white elements instead of vanilla. So it took a while to find some that coordinated with this Jen Hadfield vanilla-based collection.
  • I am loving diagonal-striped patterns. It wasn’t always this way; I kind of ODed on stripes in the 90s–at least where scrapping is concerned. But now I’m loving them. Especially when they are multicolored.

I’ve got a process video for this page as well. You can check it out below.

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  1. I love those cookies too!!! Great layout!

  2. Great layout. I love your lets talk about the layout section. I need to incorporate that into my layout shares. I just love reading yours so much.

  3. Great layout and showing off what looks to be some delicious treats.

  4. Now I’m hungry and I want cookies – not just any cookies but these.

  5. Don’t you think these would go well in the mail ?!? I’m the worst cookie maker in the world.

  6. Ah those are the best. And now i’m thinking “why do i only make those at christmas?” May need to have a little mid-year batch! Great colors again – we like similar color combos!