Sunday, June 5, 2016

June Projects

I watched several YouTube videos this morning when I came across a June challenge from Modern{Whit}. You can watch the complete video below, but the point of the challenge is to choose a project and finish it by the end of the month.

I don’t do complex projects like make mini albums or work on Project Life. And just creating one page didn’t feel like enough. So I’ve decided to complete some of the pages I’ve had sitting around in various stages of progress. Here they are.

Whit Projects

The top left and bottom right are nearly finished–I just need to add the embellishments and a photo or title. I plan to keep the products I chose for the one on the top right, but I’m not happy with the design. The page on the bottom left is one I may scrap (ha ha) and start over. But we’ll see.

So that’s my June project! And I have lots of time left in the month to do it, which is good because I’m feeling a bit embellishment challenged. I have so many I don’t always know where to start. Got any embellishing tips for me? If so, share them in the comments. 🙂 And look for an update post around the end of the month.

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  1. sounds great, will check this out.

  2. That’s a great thing to pick as a project. Thanks for showing us the challenge.