Friday, November 11, 2016

What a Treat

A year ago I signed up to attend my first-ever scrapbooking retreat: the Victoria Marie Scrapbook Retreat. I was so, so sick and needed something to look forward to. I hoped I would be able to figure out my asthma/allergy problems in a year.

The month of the retreat arrived, and my lungs had been doing much better. I was excited but nervous, and my anxiety grew as the event drew near. I have social anxiety, and I was anxious about whether I would enjoy being around so many people, whether I would have everything I needed to create pages, and what it would be like to travel with so much medical equipment.

I’m so pleased to say I had so much fun! Victoria greeted me when I arrived, and the other scrappers were so warm and gracious. I enjoyed the venue as well–it had a nice, large room for scrapbooking, the bedrooms were comfortable, and the food was just lovely! My fave was a dessert (of course), a tasty spice cake. And the crop room even had Diet Pepsi. Do you know how rare and amazing that is? LOL.


Aside from a trip to Tuesday Morning (I hitched a ride with Angie) and a group lunch, I stayed at the venue and scrapbooked. There was a comfortable, friendly atmosphere with chit chat and jokes. One table was set aside as a spot for people to leave products they no longer wanted. I have to admit I took a few items from that table (OK, maybe more than a few), but I used some of them on pages I worked on at the retreat, so I figure it’s¬†justified. I also used some of my Tuesday Morning purchases as well.

I left feeling like all these women are my friends, and that friendship continues through Facebook connections. I had a wonderful time. This retreat was a true getaway, and such a treat! I loved waking up and just being able to sit down and scrapbook. And I stayed up late to scrap as well.

I managed to put together 21 page kits to take with me. I finished 14 pages and had 3 more that are about halfway done. I’m happy with that. You can see the pages I made in the layout share below.

I’m signed up to go again next year. Can’t wait to see these crazy, wonderful women again!


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