Saturday, June 10, 2017

Selfies Gone Wrong

I went to visit my wingman and took a bunch of selfies. Great idea, right? Well, take a closer look at these selfies . . .

Selfies Gone Wrong

And now, let’s look at the layout.

  • I created the page for a National Scrapbook Day challenge to use a grid design. That made the design easy–just two rows of 3 x 4 photos and cards. There was a small issue because the photos were horizontal while the cards were vertical. I got around this by cropping an inch from the cards.
  • Because so much of the layout is flat paper, I wanted to add some dimensional elements as well. I used some wood veneer (the “hot mess” circle) and chipboard in colors that went with the photos.
  • I keep my branding strips together in a bag (see photo below) so I can use them on a project. Two of them frame the photos.

Border Strips

Hope you enjoy the process video. You can watch it here.

Until the next one.

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