Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy 2018

Do you create title pages for your album each year? I often do. Here’s the one I made for 2018.

Hello 2018

Let’s talk about the layout.

  • When I create a page, I usually start with a photo. As you can see, that wasn’t the case here. Instead, I started with a 4 x 6 pocket page card. I have several of these from various kits, so I went through them and found one with a phrase that stood out to me. Then I used that card (from an Ali Edwards kit) to determine my color scheme.
  • Here is the sketch I used for this layout.
  • Yes, I am still diving into my Felicity Jane kit supplies. If I want to keep subscribing to it, I need to be better at using what I receive. It has piled up because I have scrappy ADD and don’t like to stay with one product line for too long.
  • I kept the tassels in place by attaching glue dots to the back of the metal portion.

My 2018 album is off to a nice start! You are welcome to check out my process video here.

Thanks for visiting! I’ll be back again soon with a new layout.

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