Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wonky Washi

Did you know washi tape had an expiration date? Neither did I . . . until I tried to use some diagonal black-and-white washi tape and couldn’t pull off enough to use on a page. So one afternoon I decided to go through my collection. This photo shows all the lovely tape I bought and won’t be able to use.


Nearly two dozen rolls.

On the one hand, my usable washi collection is much more manageable now; what’s shown here is about a third of the tape I own. On the other hand, I prefer to make a dent in my stash because I use it up, not because it becomes unusable.

The lesson is this: it’s always best to use what you buy. I may not be able to use this washi tape, but I am doing my best to use what I’ve got left.

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