Tuesday, May 7, 2019

This Is So Sweet

I love attending fan conventions, and I have several photos yet to scrapbook. Here’s one of them.

David Tennant and Me

Let’s talk about the layout.

  • I started creating this one at the 2018 Victoria Marie Scrapbook Retreat and finished it this past weekend. I changed the title and added lots of little bits because there can always be more embellishments.
  • The coral letters of the title are from a clear sticker book that I’ve barely touched before now. I need to make sure these get used more often, because the book comes with letters in four different colors! Lots of titles waiting to come to life.
  • Choosing the patterned paper for this layout was tough. Partly because of the blue background of the photo. I’m happy with how things worked out in the end.

There are lots more details behind the creation of this layout. Learn more in my process video.

Click to watch the process video.

Thanks so much for watching! Take care.

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Monday, May 6, 2019

If He Fits, He Sits

I love creating layouts about my boys. This one features Cupid.

If He Fits, He Sits layout

Let’s talk about the layout.

  • This page started with a different title: It’s Cupid’s House–We Just Live Here. I’m still going to use the title for a page, but it wasn’t quite the right one for this one.
  • The color stripes at the bottom of the patterned paper determined the color scheme of this layout. I am especially fond of the pops of blue.
  • That wood veneer has been languishing in my stash for a while. It’s so nice to finally put it to use. I love how the color matches the background paper.

There are a few surprises in how this layout came together. You can check them out in the process video.

If He Fits, He Sits process video

Thanks for watching. Until next time. <3

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Louise Darling

I’m working on making a dent in my Felicity Jane kit supplies. On this layout, all of the patterned paper is from Felicity Jane. I love how the green and yellow in the multicolored paper play up the colors in the photo.

Here are a few things of note about this layout.

  • Because this layout is about a tree, I decided to add wood veneer pieces to the page. I placed a large heart in the top cluster and a smaller heart at the bottom.
  • I used birds in my two main clusters as well.
  • I had a lot of journaling I wanted to include, so I needed to make sure I had plenty of room for it.

You’ll get more information about how I put this page together in my process video. Check it out here.

Louise Darling Process Video
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hello Love

I am scrapbooking so much lately that it’s hard for me to keep the blog current. Here’s one of my recent pages.

Hello Love Brunch

The photo is of me and my parents. I love it because I was trying to make sure all three of us would be in the selfie. So our amused expressions are genuine. 🙂

Let’s talk about the layout.

  • I struggle when it comes to using cream-based patterned paper. I simply don’t like it as much as white-based paper. However, I have accumulated some in paper pads and want to use them. The colors in the photo seemed perfect for Maggie Holmes collections, and I used a lot of her paper and ephemera on this layout.
  • Speaking of ephemera, I used some vellum ephemera. In some cases, I ran it through my Xyron, attached it to white cardstock, and then cut it out to use on the layout. This kept those pieces from blending in too much into the background. Other vellum I left alone to add variety.
  • I used a sketch from this class.

To find out more about how I created this page, check out my process video.

Thank you for watching. I’ll be back again soon!

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

So Star Spangled

This layout and video has been in the works for a while because it’s a special collaboration.

So Star Spangled

Before jumping into the layout, I’ll give you the collaboration details.

This layout is a collaboration for Grace Islander’s July Scrapathon! For this challenge, we scraplifted one of each other’s layouts and went with a Fourth of July theme. Her layout is here.

Learn more about the scrapathon and join the scrapathon Facebook group.

We’d love it if you participated! There will be prizes including one from the April Lilli Store. The grand prize is only available to US residents, but other prizes are available internationally. If you create a project inspired by this challenge and post it to social media, please use the #julyscrapathon hashtag so we can see it.

Now let’s talk about the layout.

  • Here’s the layout by Grace Islander that inspired this page. I loved the diagonal design and mixed media elements.
  • I haven’t done hand stitching in a while, but I love how it looks. It is a time-consuming process, though. I just did it during my TV-watching time and felt so productive. LOL. Still, I was relieved when it was complete.
  • The original title for the page was Star Spangled. But that left me with an awkward trapped space between the “r” and the light blue star  next to it. So I pulled up the title and added the word “So” to the beginning.
  • I used a set of star Framelits as templates for both the sewing and the misting. You can get a better idea about that in the process video.
  • Many embellishments were brought together in the making of this layout. Lots of stickers, chipboard, and acrylic pieces. Plus several papers from my scraps. It was fun to put all of this together.

Here is the process video.

Thanks for visiting. See you next time! 🙂

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