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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sweet Faves

Every now and then, I get some paper in a monthly subscription and think, “How the hell am I going to use that?” Case in point: this paper featuring candy. This came in a Messy Box and I had no idea at the time how–or even if–I would use it.

Sweet Faves

Let’s talk about the layout.

  • Victoria Marie came to my rescue here. She had a challenge to scrapbook a top 10 list. I was trying to use up Messy Box supplies, and once I saw this paper I knew I would use it to make a page about my favorite sweets.
  • This layout is part of my Something Old, Something New series. The orange and pink patterned paper is the “old”–it’s a paper from TLC that has been in my stash for more than 10 years. Messy Box paper is the new.
  • I didn’t do a lot of embellishing on this page. The paper itself is so busy I felt it made enough of a statement on its own.

So that’s it. If you want to see how this one came together, check out the process video.

I’ve got more coming soon. Until then, take care!

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Friday, December 16, 2016

All Is Calm

One of the easiest ways for me to get into the holiday spirit is to scrapbook Christmas photos. I saved several photos from last year for this purpose; this is one of them.

All Is Calm

I’ll start with this–I love this photo! I was so glad to get this pic of my boys curled up on their pillows by the Christmas tree. Now, let’s talk about the layout.

  • I used vellum on the right side of the page. It has a copyright date on it from 2000! It’s crazy that I still have products that old in my stash–and I still have at least one more sheet of it. I think it looks great here, though. I paired it with some Felicity Jane papers, so it’s part of my Something Old, Something New series.
  • I got the idea for the title from the vellum, which has lyrics from a Christmas carol. Not the same song, but it started some Christmas songs going in my head, and that led me to my title. I embossed the larger letters with gold embossing powder.
  • Here’s the sketch I used for this page. I like how it showcases the paper.

So that’s this layout. If you want to know more, check out the process video.

I’ve got more Christmas layouts to come. Until next time!

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hello Kenda Christmas

Once upon a time I got snowed in on Christmas Day and couldn’t go anywhere. And then I made a layout about it. 

Kenda Christmas

Let’s talk about the layout.

  • Here’s the thing: grid layouts are a bit of a challenge for me. I struggle to layer things on the different parts of the grid. Yet grids are a great way to use up multiple cards—I have a bunch left from my time as a Messy Box subscriber. So I’ve got to go for the grid every now and then.
  • In this case, I did get stuck when it came to the layers. I got unstuck during a trip to Tuesday Morning, where I found some Christmas-themed layered stickers. I saw them and knew they’d be perfect for this layout. That helped me complete the page.
  • I have some brushstroke stamps that mimic the card on the top right. So I used them to create a stamped border around the layout.

My process video for this one is short and sweet.

So that’s my layout. Be back next time with another one.

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