Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Eclipse Goodies

My coworkers and I had an eclipse party during the solar eclipse a few years ago, and I took a picture of the goodies everyone brought to mark the occasion. I finally got it scrapbooked.

So many eclipse-themed goodies!

Let’s talk about the layout.

  • This page took a long time to finish. I started it one way and moved to something else. I think the background paper is part of the struggle. It’s a cupcake sprinkle pattern from an old Felicity Jane kit. That pattern seemed very appropriate thematically, but it’s a little busier than a plain background, so I kept questioning it. In the end, I like it.
  • I used up most of my remaining 2 x 2 cards from old Messy Box (no longer in business) kits. I think I have two left, so yay me!
  • I love all the colors on this page but especially appreciate the pop of red.

As always, there’s more information about how this layout came together. You can see it in my process video.

Hope you enjoy! I’ll see you again soon.

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