Thursday, June 20, 2019

Horror Is Better Together

How many photos at the movie theater are too many? Answer: there’s no such thing as too many movie photos!

Another installment in the horror movie chronicles

Let’s talk about the layout.

  • Gimme all the blue! The photo and the patterned paper both have a few different shades of blue, and I wanted to incorporate that on the rest of the layout. So I went in search of blue embellishments.
  • This layout is a great example of tucking small elements into the empty spaces. For example, I added a heart next to the word “better” in the title; I placed the “chill” washi tape under the word “together”; I stamped the date in the space between “better” and “together.” This is a fun technique to fill in small gaps.
  • I used this layout as a starting place for my page.

Want to know more? You know what to do.

Click to watch the full process video

Thanks for visiting! I’ll be back again soon.

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