Sunday, May 15, 2016

Walk Away

Beauty in Walking Away

Sometimes I just have to walk away. Not from scrapbooking altogether. Never that. Just from my current project. You can see the project in question here.

I’ve got the basics down, but now that it’s time to embellish, I’m stuck. I thought about adding some circles, but they started to take over the page. I want some places to layer and cluster, but I’m not sure where to do it. I will figure this out, but for now it’s time to walk away.

What do you do when you feel stuck on a project?


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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Best Day Ever?

People scrapbook because they want to remember the good times. I get that. It’s one of the reasons I scrapbook. But sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the happy-happy, fun-fun, this-is-perfect products out there. How many best days ever can we have? By definition: one. Yet there are dozens of best-day-ever embellishments that just sit in my pile of products, going unused.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not calling for a ban on the happy stuff. But there’s an awful lot of life that happens in between the fun, and I want to document that too. Here’s a page I did last year. You can check it out in my Scrapping the Spectrum series.

Depression Lies

There are some products out there for this–and I buy them pretty much every chance I get–but it would be nice if there were even more. Not just for bad days, but for average days. Boring days. Angry days. They are all part of life.

So here’s my small plea to manufacturers: let’s have more variety in phrasing and tone. If you want to keep it happy, at least come up with some new phrases.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Just Kitting By

I subscribe to the Felicity Jane monthly kit. And I love it.

Felicity Jane papers

The papers and embellishments are just my style, and each kit includes a super versatile stamp set as well. And the products coordinate quite well from month to month as well. In short, there are many great things about subscribing to a kit, and I have no plans to stop soon.


Let’s face it: kit products build up. I try to use them up, and every few months I make a focused effort to make a dent in my supplies, and I do just that. But then I remember that I have loads of other worthy products that also need to be used. Plus I love variety, so I can only scrapbook  using a smaller pool of items for so long before I start feeling twitchy. And they pile up again . . .

I put all of my FJ kit products in a 12 x 12 Iris container. I’ve been a subscriber for a year; my container is getting quite, quite full.

Felicity Jane Embellishments

Here’s my question to other kit subscribers: how do you store your kits? And what do you do to use up your kit supplies?

I’m secretly hoping to get someone to give me a scrapbooking stipend I can live on so I don’t have to work. I know I could do so much more scrapbooking this way. 🙂

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Friday, April 8, 2016


Language Cap

Disclaimer: I can be a bit sweary. And this shows up in my scrapbooking from time to time. Here’s an example.


This language may offend some people. But I want my pages to be genuine. I want people who know me and look at my pages to see me in them–and not just in the photographs. My journaling is best when it sounds like me. So I’m fine with this quirk. I don’t swear on all of my pages, but sometimes I do. Just like I don’t always swear in real life . . . but sometimes I do. 🙂

What do you do in your scrapbooking to ensure it reflects you?

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